January 19-21 2005

We only spent 1 day and a bit in Singapore - time to put our bikes together and get the last bits and pieces we needed for the trip - . Or so we thought!

Singapore will be forever associated with French wines and cheese and other delicacies... We left our host's house on 21st January in the morning (after a fantastic dinner the night before - it will be hard to forget that vacherin!), together with Alain who on an extremely light bike was riding us to the Singapore-Malaysian border.

The begginings were shaky, actually very shaky for me - getting used to control a 50 kg bike (including food and drinks) proved more difficult than expected - but with time and kilometers, you do get used to it. 20 kilometers on, as we were slowly getting used to cycling our beasts, and as we were also losing liters of water through transpiration, we were stopped by a couple of funny looking dudes (;o) with a "Paris, 23154km" arrow sign pointing in the wrong direction (it was early in the morning for the sign holder, on a public holiday, he is forgiven...). But we are docile, and usually do what we are told, so we followed the sign, escorted by 2 thumping motorbikes, over a couple (or was it 3?) little hills - it did feel a little bit like the tour de france... -.

We got to what's close to paradise on earth: waiting for us was a nice contingent of Essilor's Asia Pacific headquarters' team. They had gotten out of bed early to book a table in the upper reservoir park (not sure I got the name right) and the table was loaded with awesome goods: saucisson (directly and personally imported from Lyon, thanks Philippe), Camembert, Gigondas (a very nice red drop for the ones who prefer beer) and various croissants...

So they delayed us by at least a couple of hours (!), but what's 2 hours in a year?! Besides, they made sure our bikes were not too light (presenting us with a heavy enough appreciation award) and that we would not get lost (off we went with a brand new GPS, and the user's guide for it).

What a great surprise to find them there, and what a nice way to go! Thank you!


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