January 2005 - ready, set... go!

Well, it took a lot of time, and a lot of energy, and a lot of lists (never seen so many lists...) to get ready, but it look like somehow we managed to get ready in time... We weighed, and packed, and weighed, and packed a bit less, and weighed, and packed a bit more... We now know how much each one of our shoes weighs, or a map, or a guide book, or a set of disc brakes! We hesitated until the last minute to know whether we should take our small espresso allesi maker and decided for it (our friend Kate in Sydney got the last word at 11:30pm the night before departure).

How much do you need to live for one year? The answer is short: 42 kg. That includes: the bikes, some clothes (some clothes, definitely not too many clothes: 2 pairs of cycling shorts per person, 1 set of thermal gear, etc - I can think and name all of my clothes in less than 2 minutes...), sleeping gear (tent, sleeping bags and mats), maps, guidebooks and a few books, an espresso machine (thanks Kate), bike spare parts, cooking gear, and a selection of electronic devises (a laptop computer to update the website easily and fairly regularly, a sophisticated bike computer that gives you altitude, kilometer, speed, cadence, heart rate, etc, Nikon camera gear (analog and digital), a mini-disc to record sounds (a small project we have with our friend Yvan), and 3 first aid kits (it could have been just the one big one).

For those of you who have a deep interest in the details of what we are carrying, please click here for the full list. To see more of the packing, please go to the photolibrary (link below)


you can see more photos by visiting the photolibrary.

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