24 april / 27 may 05

Lhasa: a mix of emotions, joy, a certain pride but also a certain discomfort.

We have made it: 3 weeks on the road throughout Tibet, going up or down, but rarely flat. Riding through landscapes that leave us speechless: made of sheer rock, snow and ice. 3 weeks avoiding the Chinese police, as well as the Tibetan dogs (who are either hungry or have rabies). 3 weeks camping, eating noodles and tsampa, drinking yak butter tea. 3 weeks during which we almost reach for the stars, and fight against winds and storms.

3 weeks during which we are also witness to the deep wound of the Tibetan people. A people that keeps hoping, that keeps believing in the Dalai-lama, that keeps resisting the way they can, with prayer flags and pilgrims. A people that welcomes us with real warmth and simplicity, and deep spirituality. They bless us as we go, and invite us, always, to say a prayer for them when we get to Lhasa.

So many surprises and changes on our road: a real patchwork where nature gives the ingredients and men cook, control and make the rest - for the better and for the worse.

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