1 -26 July 05

We entered Pakistan with a big smile on our faces, under the first pouring rains of the moonson season... Despite the heavy rain, we fell almost instantaneously our bodies and minds relax as we cross the border. The officers welcoming and greeting us are all smiles behind their big moustaches. We haven't ridden 500 meters when a car slows down next to us and throws us some mangoes through the window: "it is a Paki present, welcome!"

As we cross the first small town after the border, all the men (yes, there are only men on the streets) lift their heads up and greet us. All together, they almost sound like a choir... A few kilometers down the road, 2 pakistanis on their scooter ride next to us, asking never ending questions. After a few minutes, they want us to stop and share a drink with them: "brother Michael, sister Yvoine, let's go drink a Pepsi!". We are so wet, we have to refuse, worried we are going to catch a cold if we stop. They stop without us, not without saying a dozen times "bye bye brother Michael, bye bye sister Yvoine!". We carry on but not even 2 minutes later, they are back... Explanation: "miss, I missed you so much, so no pepsi!"

We keep riding towards Lahore, in front of the smiles and questionning looks of the Pakistanis: who are these crazy people riding in a swimming pool!?! The road indeed has become a bit of a swimming pool. We are riding in 30 to 100 cm of water... Sometimes, we get pushed over by the waves created by the buses coming the other way, but the smiles all around have a very strong effect on our morale... So here it is, we bid our farewells to the Hindu world, to enter muslim territory.

  peace messengers on the road in Pakistan
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  desert crossing in numbers!
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