On December 24th 2004, we left Sydney. As our plane took off, we could catch the last few glimpses of this city where we had been living for the last three years.

Fighting back tears, I closed my eyes and let my mind wander through those 3 years - Sydney would forever be associated with some exciting times and challenges at both our work, the begginings and thrilling developments of cycling and racing, and the enjoyment of life in one of the most beautiful cities with a lifestyle hard to match. In Sydney, we were once again leaving friends behind - it seemed to be becoming a habit and resulted in us feeling either "empty" or, looking at the brighter side, it also meant our "friend network" was becoming more and more international!

In any case, we left Sydney with a note of apprehension and excitement, as our 6 year old dream was about to come true - or at least, we had taken the necessary steps to make it come true! Off to New Zealand we went, to finalise planning and organising our rideround.com adventure, and say our goodbyes to friends and family around the country.

  a kiwi farewell to friends and family farewell party in auckland
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  ready, set.... go!
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