East Coast (21-31 january 05)

This first week on the bike in Malaysia has proved itself to be both challenging and fun.

For sure, the physical challenge has been great, not unexpectedly - the nature plays its part first: the heat gets its toll on our bodies with temperatures going everyday as high as 45 degrees... And this for about 10 of the 12 hours of daylight we get in a day! The heat never comes out without its partner the humidity and together they make sure our bodies feel empty, tired and torn by the end of each day. The wind, finally, adds to the folklore, although we don't know whether to love or curse it, as while it makes our progress slower, it does drop the temperature a few blessed degrees...

But fun too this week has been: fun to be finally on the road, to get into a routine, to discover this country we haven't spent a lot of time in before, to slowly forget about tight schedules and deadlines after meetings and see the world through the eyes of nomadic travelers...

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  diversity...! wonderful food...
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  malaysia in numbers good bye malaysia!
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