28- ... february / march 05

We bid farewell to Cambodia on the most beautiful road we got to ride on in the whole country: about 15 meters wide, this unsealed road is super new, very smooth, and so easy to ride on. We can only wonder where the funds come from?

We get the answer pretty quickly. Everywhere, along the road, we meet Chinese workers. Here, like in Laos, China is building beautiful roads - as a sign of frienship and cooperations between the countries, as the plaques along the road tell us. And also, in exchange for the rights to logging, mining and some other industries (for example, bauxite has recently been discovered in Laos)... Just as a little anecdote, we get to cross our first toll bridge in Laos, and realise it has been built by... the Australians! (our Australian friends will understand...)

Entering Laos leaves us with a bit of a bitter taste, as we meet our first corrupted immigration officers... But emotion soon takes over as we discover, at last, the country where one of yvoine's brothers is from, after so many years dreaming of and talking about it around the dinner table. And very quickly, the pace of this country hits us: slow down! We are like in the scenes of a movie replayed slowly... So, we will have to relax yet a bit more: patience is the master word, and it is useless to try to get things to go faster... So relax, and welcome to Laos, in slow mode!

  crossing the "Saisombun special zone" on the road in Laos
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  small indulgences and great pleasures... in numbers!
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