10 october - 21 november 05

Wow!... They have gone fast those last few countries... I have been sitting here for about 15 minutes wondering if I can decently talk about 11 countries in one same chapter... Am I being fair to them? Or is it me wanting to finish our story?

No! We have cycled the last 4000 kilometers of our trip so fast! Nothing like 2000 km in Tibet or 1000 km in Cambodia. Here, we cross a border every2 or 3 days! The roads are so good, and so are the general conditions (temperatures, food, water, hygiene, etc) that we chew up the kilometers without even noticing. Cycling in Western Europe is like having a holiday! No desert, no sand storms, no strong winds, no mud, no jungle, no above 50 degree temperatures, no terrible hygiene or lack of nutrition... I stop myself here!

The backside of all this is also that the relationships are less intense and that our encounters and meetings with the locals - such special moments of the last few months! - are only few and far between.

Nevertheless, those European kilometers have a very special taste: the taste of achievement, of getting to the end of a project (mission accomplished!), of realising a dream. The taste too of joy when thinking about all the people we are going to meet up with over there, in France! The taste of emotion, as in our little minds, we can hear voices singing "we are going to make it, hopefully we don't break a leg now!"...

  "... de tu querrida presencia, Cumandante Che Guevarra..."
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  Singapore - France ... by bike!
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