Name: Michael and Yvoine

Age: 31 and 28

Nationality: Kiwi-French    

We love: cycling, discovering, meeting, learning, sharing, enjoying the small pleasures of this earth, our world, an adventure, the unknown, some risk, a challenge... we love life.

Beyond the physical challenge which we do appreciate and will share with you, this adventure is about meeting, discovering and understanding.

"He who does not travel, does not know the value of man" - what is the meaning of these old words told by the nomads and travellers that are the Maurs?

Our adventure is about trying to find an answer, or the beginning of one. 1 year on our bikes, across the continents, to meet and hear, smell and feel other horizons and other people, our fellow citizens of this planet. At a time when our world seems to have gone crazy, meeting and knowing one another seems to be most important. Discovering who the other is, sharing our differences and get to know this "man or woman" a little bit more - we can only try.

Finally, this is also the realisation of a dream for us - our lives are made of dreams, and it is up to us to make them realities...

  this site will be constantly updated . including a french translation - please return soon. enjoy *